Day 580

So it’s 10am and so far this morning I’ve already talked to Emily’s old insurance (still in effect, apparently) and insurance at work and filed my taxes since I got home from taking Emily to school. So now I need to gather stuff and go do the running about chores- to whit:

    Oil change for the car
    Buy Alex more food
    Buy printer cartridges
    Get Mom a carton of cigarettes
    Drop off package at the post office
    Do the recycling
    Get myself some more Black Cat coffee
    Pick Emily up at school

After that, fix dinner (I don’t even know what yet!), feed the cats. feed the dogs, give Alex his shot and do the laundry.

I am not sure that work is not easier and more relaxing!

Emily and I and my best friend are playing the Reading Bingo game from Random House.

Emily has decided that she would rather play on the YA board:

I think this would be an awesome thing to introduce to a classroom! If anyone else wants to play, I’d love to hear about it.

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