Day 570 Snow Day!

Emily’s Snowman

Narnia in my sideyard

My…. car?

Well, ok then. I called my manager after attempting to get out of the driveway (we currently have 6 inches of snow but it’s melting fast) to ask for permission to be even later to work than we discussed last night, as our delivery was already scheduled to be late this afternoon instead of first thing this morning. He told me to go ahead and just take the day, we’ll do the truck tomorrow. How awesome is that? I would have tried to get in when the truck got there if he had wanted me to, but I’m just as happy to not have to slog around in it any more than I must.

Also? I work at a grocery store. When I knew the weather was going to get bad, I went ahead and got Emily another gallon of milk so she wouldn’t run out. It’s not critical and I’m certainly not going out in the snow for milk but it’s nice to be forehanded. So last night, she takes a sip of the milk that was almost out… and it’s gone bad. So she opens the new gallon… and it’s bad as well! (Neither of them was out of date until Sunday) So, with the worst storm of the year raging, we’re out of milk. My life is a cliché.

I got a couple of surprise packages yesterday. One was included in a package of my Mom’s from my brother and his wife:

I’m attributing this mostly to my sister-in-law as she was the one who seemed more sympathetic when Shredder destroyed my vintage calendar at Christmas.

I also got this little valentine:

How cool is he?

I am going to finish the quilting on Emily’s quilt today and start work on the binding… and hopefully read Twisting the Rope and grab a nap.

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