Day 566

I changed my icon on livejournal to the spring tree today- it was 70° yesterday and supposed to be again by Thursday so there’s hope that I might be able to reclaim the sewing room from the dogs (who have been sleeping in it while it’s been cold). I just hope that we have a long extended bout of weather in the 70s/50s and it doesn’t get suffocatingly hot really quickly. Besides, my electric bill could use the break!

I did finish the quilting on Em’s quilt and am now working on the binding- yay! Once I finish her binding, I can hem the tea towels for my mouse teapot’s gongfu set and get back to work on my hobbit tablecloth. After that, I’ll be free to work on some Nancy projects- of which there are quite a few!

I haven’t been posting about Nancy but I have been thinking about her things- I desperately need a cat-proof storage solution here. I also want a copy of the cardboard house from 1963- the “New” dream house with the living room fireplace and the sliding ‘glass’ patio door. I keep getting outbid at the last second on Ebay.

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