Day 496

Yet another person on my lj f-list has announced their intention to scrap lj. It’s getting awfully empty here.

In spite of the virtual certainty of thunderstorms, I have all the windows open in the house. It really needs airing out and I should do spring cleaning except I can’t seem to whip up the energy or find enough time.

Binge watching TV shows is apparently a thing now, so I’m hardly alone in that. I recommend Firefly (one season) and BBC Sherlock (three seasons, three episodes each). They only take over your life for little while instead of weeks at a time.

Here’s a thing- if you’re listing something on Ebay and there are 4 more of them, it isn’t rare or hard to find. Really.

In related news, Mom’s cleaning out her cookbook collection and wants me to sell them on Ebay. Really? If I have time to deal with Ebay, I’ll sell some of these things I have that will actually bring more than $1 plus shipping.

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