Day 487

I had an unexpected happenstance today. I recently bought a living room chair for Nancy )Mattel Modern to match the sofa… since we all know I’m never getting that Vitra Eames lounge chair) and it came with a living room table lamp. Ok, needed a lamp, I suppose. When I get it, I’m looking and realize it’s battery operated although there is no battery. So I unscrew the bulb, examine it and the filament looks to be intact, there’s no corrosion inside the lamp, all I have to do is figure out what is the current nomenclature for what was called a ‘small penlight’ battery in 1958 and it should work.

Ok, triple A is too big- though not by much. Maybe AAAA? After going to the trouble to find a store that actually sold AAAA batteries (hardware store, btw, in case anyone else needs to know that), AAAA is too small. Bother.

So I’m fiddling with it tonight… and realize that the base is supposed to come loose to change the battery- I was trying to do it through the place where the bulb screws in. AAA fits… and it still works! 56 years old and everything still works just like it should. I love well made things.

In less good news, Emily accidentally broke the head off of my mermaid soap dish (OMG Mom! I decapitated your mermaid!) and I am going to have to take the zipper back out of the dress I’m making for Nancy and reset it. The dress is modeled after a 50s vintage dress… and OMG. Box pleats, bias cut bands, a false placket, sleeve cuffs and a pointed collar, 14 buttons- the 50s sure did love their details. Which is, of course, what makes the fashions great looking but are somewhat hard to do without a pattern and in 1/6 scale. The box pleats alone took me three days! However, it will be fantastic if I can ever finish it.

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