Day 478

I think I may have figured out what was wrong with me the other day. On top of the chronic sleep deprivation and low level stress, sometimes I get too busy to read.

This always ends badly.

Ok. actually it doesn’t end badly- it ends when I pick up a book and spend an evening reading as opposed to sewing or something else- but I get into a crappy depressed mood where I don’t want to do anything and the whole world looks bleak and colourless.

That’s what I’ve done the last two nights and I feel much much better for it. I’m still more than a dozen books behind my reading goal for 2014 but it doesn’t usually take me too long to catch up… as long as I’m actually reading instead of watching binge TV or sewing or something.

Today I’ve got my usually lot of chores, I didn’t sleep well last night (I think that last book was upsetting!) and Mom was being annoying last night telling me that, now Emily’s school is ot for the summer, I could sleep in this morning. Either she’s forgotten that Alex is diabetic and needs to eat on schedule or she’s pretending that she doesn’t know it’s bad for diabetics to have an irregular schedule or, most likely, she knows but is trying to convince me that it won’t matter so I’ll inadvertently kill him by being irresponsible. That would work for her two ways- one, she could rag at me about killing the cat and two, she could have me spend the time and energy I spend taking care of him on her. Not happening.

Work yesterday was high stress- inventory plus truck plus fruit plus DM visit… and he brought his boss.

In spite of all of that, I’m still in a pretty good mood- I read a book last night.

Today, besides the chores I have to do, I’m going to try and finish the dress I’ve been working on for Nancy. It just needs a collar and buttons and bows so it shouldn’t take me too long. Also, I want to set up the two houses I have for her and check to make sure I have all the pieces for one… and then take pictures of the other one to sell on Ebay. Also pictures of all the furniture and some other odds and ends I’ve been planning to sell. I don’t know if I’ll get them all listed- I want to do the write ups before hand and have all the pictures ready so that all I have to do is throw them up there.

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