Day 469

Amazing- I have a Sunday off! Of course, it’s so I can work tomorrow but I don’t ever plan anything big for Memorial Day anyway and I couldn’t have done much in the way of chores so I’m a bit indifferent either way.

Em was supposed to go spend the night with a friend Friday… and when we walked into the house, I was dubious. My house can sometimes use a bit of cleaning but this was seriously rough and there were kids sleeping on sofas in the living room because there weren’t enough beds for just the people that live there. Sure enough, she called me after only an hour or so to come get her. While I regret the loss of alone time, I can’t regret her decision although it may have lost her some friends.

80s called last night. I haven’t heard from him in over a year so that was a bit of a surprise. He wasn’t unpleasant to me but he hasn’t changed the things that made me cut him off, not really. What’s surprising to me is that he’d been on my mind recently- mostly because of the Gotye song. He’s not the only one that applies to but he was the most recent.

Since I have a day off… and I can do no chores today… I may have Nancy pictures tonight.

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