Day 450

I took my car in to be fixed Monday and it doesn’t seem as if it’s fixed. I think I’ll wait until next Monday or even next Friday to take it back. I can drive Mom’s car and I just need some down time.

I’ve heard that today, beyond being a Friday the 13th, is also a full moon and Mercury retrograde. So according to all the whoo-whoo stuff, it should be an interesting day… (Another good reason to put the car repair on hold)

So, windfall yesterday… and I bought books. (This is me- what else?) A new/old copy of The Once and Future King and an old copy of Burns poems (family legend is that he’s an ancestor) both in leather. I’d still really like the Easton press editions of the Little House books… partly because the spine decoration is awesome!… but it’s 9 books and the set is usually about $900 so not yet. I also treated myself to The Basics new CD Ingredients but it was so inexpensive it hardly counts.

My brother’s got an offer for all Dad’s writing- not much money (which goes to the girls) but it might get some of the stuff that’s never been published out there. My input is that, if the guy doesn’t want something, I want the manuscript back AND the rights to revert to us… and possibly only sell the publishing rights- anything else to be renegotiated if it becomes necessary.

I really want to finish the tablecloth so I can be binding books right now… and I’m having trouble picking it up and working on it. Grrr. Sometimes I wonder why it is I can discipline myself well enough for chores but not for amusements.

As the summer progresses, I’d like to clean out some of the Nancy-related stuff that didn’t make it through the curation and reclaim the shelf in my library that’s currently got stuff to go to ebay on it. Considering the problems I’m having with self-dicipline in that area, I don’t know how fast I will get on with it. When I’m finished there, I need to get back to working on the Baker Street game and cleaning out all of that once I’m done with bits of it.

My house would be so much tidier if I didn’t have so many projects!

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