Day 438

Hobbit tablecloth finished- pictures after I iron. Napkin detail designed and I’ll iron the pattern onto them as soon as I set up the ironing board to iron the tablecloth. I don’t think they’ll take very long to embroider and then I can set the table up with all the Hobbit things and have a new ‘set the table’ photo.

I have today off and it’s going to be another mad chore day… because I also have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off (vacation, yay!) and I don’t want any chores to do. What I do want to do with those days is bind Winterfair Gifts. Possibly I’m being to ambitious to think I can bind two books (author’s copy as thanks for permission) in three days… and possibly I’m not. It’s been so long since I had three days off together.

Among other chores today, I’m baking cookies. Chocolate chip cookies to take to work tomorrow with coffee and shortbread because I have the only teen in the world who doesn’t much like chocolate chip cookies. She’ll eat them, but she really prefers others.

I’m taking cookies with the coffee to work because I’m given to understand that the month of Ramadan starts over the weekend on my cookie monster manager won’t be allowed to have either cookies or coffee for a month. Catholics have Mardi Gras before Lent so this is Mardi Gras for Ramadan. Yes, I’m a bit odd- why do you ask?

I haven’t heard back from the Folger Shakespeare Library so obviously my request is not one they want to trouble with and they can’t even be polite enough to let me know.

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