Day 435

Day 2 of my three day vacation and I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked on my book. I’m trying a new 100% cotton paper in a heavier weight than I’ve used before (32 lb Southworth Business in white). I don’t know if that will make the edges easier to gild, more difficult or not different.

I needed to print out two copies and my stupid printer kept folding over pages on the corners… which also messes up the printing on that page. However, I finally managed to get two fair copies to bind. I did try to fix all the typos… but I probably introduced different ones and there’s at least one place where I wish I had caught the formatting before I printed but it’s small enough that I don’t know if I will try and fix it- my program insists on printing the entire document and that gets awfully expensive in ink and paper.

Already folded signatures
 photo giftssigs_zps99b858bc.jpg

Because of the *#$%* printer, I also have a lot of extra recycling… with more to come as I pare edges and cut end papers.
 photo extrarecycling_zpsd05a4b51.jpg

I had a lot of other pictures of the signatures before they were folded and of the recycling while it was still a mess all over the floor but my camera decided to be freaky and I lost them.

Next thing is to punch the signatures and see if I can remember how to stitch a book!

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