Day 434 Gilding Day

Today is my last day of vacation and it’s Gilding Day! (Although, considering I’m using silver, shouldn’t that be Argenting Day?) I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not going to get these books finished before I go back to work but the cases and case gilding (argenting) is an order of magnitude less involved and I should be able to do those in the evenings or on my days off.

Mom did try to come up with something for me to do while I was off but since it involved our handyman and he doesn’t always show up when he’s supposed to, it hasn’t panned out. (Say it with me- awww.) The jury rigged antenna for the TV I never watch is pulling the handrail off my front steps. So if it falls down before he gets here to help me take it down, I’ll disassemble the antenna and replace the railing- which is what I would do anyway. Mom can’t get it through her head that we don’t watch TV and she doesn’t want me to get rid of the antenna. I’ll humour her- until the damned thing falls and then it’s going to stay down.

What is it that people just can’t understand about someone who doesn’t want to watch TV? My Dad was the same way… any time I didn’t have a TV, he would find an excuse to give me one. Sure, there are shows I’ve enjoyed- Firefly, Castle, Mash, Being Human, Leverage- but most of them are either no longer on or I can watch them on the computer. Bones jumped the shark so I don’t care to watch it any more. Mostly, I watch TV with other people. If I didn’t have Emily sitting down to watch things with me, I’d watch a lot less than I do now. There’s almost always something better to do than watch TV.

BTW, I didn’t include BBC Sherlock in that list because it’s three long episodes a year and it’s more like watching a series of movies than a TV show. I love Sherlock, me, but it’s not television.

I just discovered (I should have known but I didn’t) that Libertycon was this weekend. With three days off, I actually could have gone but I’m not at all sorry I didn’t know. Cons wear me out and make me depressed- it used to be fun and now I don’t seem to find anyone to talk to about science fiction or science- just gossip, drinking and overeating combined with lack of sleep and nostalgia. I’m better off binding the books I wanted- it’s been a much more relaxing weekend.

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