Day 426 More Adventures in Bookbinding

I am having real trouble with the case for my presentation copy of Winterfair Gifts. I’m using white doe skin for the first time- never again! When it came out of the press, it looked a bit dingy. Everything I used to try and clean it up, just made the problem worse and then when I tried to put the cover gilding on- the entire cover would not release the leaf- not just where the design was. (Actually, the solid silver cover was kind of pretty if it hadn’t been so messy!)

What with one thing and another (three years passed… no wait, wrong story.) I took the case back off the book… and naturally ruined the end paper in the process. (There’s got to be a way to do that without tearing the end paper.) Which I don’t have more of, naturally. (In point of fact, I may be able to scrounge up enough from a mis-cut earlier) I did find where I got the paper and they do have something very similar- Talas has one like it from Crepaldi (022 if you’re interested) which is where I got it last time. It wouldn’t be exact- hand marbled paper is one of a kind and no two sheets are ever exactly the same- and it’s about $25 a sheet (big sheets- I can usually get two to four sets of end papers from one sheet) and I would have to wait for it to be delivered. So all in all, I really hope I can manage not to have to order more right now. I do have a leather that will work- it’s blue instead of white but it’s a much more suitable leather for bookbinding.

In this, I have learned:

  1. Never use doe skin for bookbinding
  2. Put scrap pieces of paper before and after to plough
  3. Cut the boards taller than the signatures
  4. Let the glair dry completely on the cover before laying on leaf
  5. Vinegar in the glair will discolour the leather
  6. Roll the book before backing to create the rounded spine
  7. Rice flour paste works really well
  8. Lifting endpapers is at best difficult and sometimes impossible

Other things I have learned:

  1. Writing a journal entry while making pancakes will result in at least one burnt pancake
  2. Coffee will not make itself
  3. Pouring pancake dough in the pan in a couple of spoonfuls will result in ‘bullseye’ pancakes (which could be good if you’re ever throwing a target practice breakfast)
  4. It’s perfectly possible to make pancakes on a glass topped stove without a pan
  5. But they tend to stick
  6. Tired, frustrated Mom + tired, frustrated teen = fight
  7. Kids will wait until you are doing the laundry to put all their clothes in
  8. Line dried sheets will scent up a whole room- lots of throw there
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