Day 425

This is mostly notes for me so I don’t have to keep learning things over and over, feel free to skip.

I found my lifting knife (I had forgotten I had bought one). I need to clean up my bookbinding area so that the smaller tools don’t get lost among the brushes- better tool organization is much needed here. With it, I lifted the end papers on one of the Oz books (Rinkitink in Oz) with relative ease. I find the trick is to go slow and sacrifice a little of the binding board in favor of the paper. I’m wondering if I can case the leather around the existing case- it’s a slick cover and I don’t know if the paste would stick or not. I suppose I can try it and see- I’ll have lost nothing if it doesn’t as the leather can still be used.

Notes about the second Winterfair Gifts- bound in 2 oz powder blue calf with 022 Crepaldi end papers. I need to skive my covers more- the turnovers were a bit stiff… and I need to leave more to turn over. Also? Cut the backing boards longer than the book, dingbat!

Linco Mending Tissue works very very well on regular paper but shows up on slick paper.

I need to build a rack for leathers similar to the one I made for end papers (heavier, certainly). I also need to keep notes on which leathers I used for which books, how heavy they are, what kind of leather etc and keep up with which ones work best and most easily (not necessarily the same thing).

It may be possible to use leather working tools for gilding… but not through typing paper. Maybe through tissue? Straight onto the leaf seems like it would leave the leaf on the tool instead of the book. Experimentation required here. So far, my Hot Mark tool is doing the best.

I’ve had an idea for the end papers on The Wizard of Oz. I’ll have to reprint it because I want the unabridged text but the Copelman illustrations on decent paper. Hence, I need end papers. So I thought I could tea dye a couple of pages of the same paper I print the book on and then take brown dye and mark it out in bricks. Or I could dye it yellow- if I use cotton paper, Rit dye should do it. I could also dye a cyclone (one or more) with grey dye.

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