Day 421 Guy Mannering finished

This is a ticklish bit of repair on an antique book. The covers are detached entirely but the spine is still firmly in place. Along with the end papers, some of the first loose pages are attached to the covers instead of the text block. My goal is to repair the spine and reattach the covers and papers with as little intrusion as possible to preserve the originality of the book. The volume is made more desirable by an original fore edge painting of a coastal village scene, presumably Scottish.

The book in it’s original state:










The first four were taken by the person I bought the book from, the last six in my work room.

July 11 2014

I managed to lift the edges of the endpapers from the boards at the spine edge but there was no removing the spine from the text block. The leather was old and thin and fragile and the glue was extraordinarily strong. One of the problems, I think, is that the leather was so very thin and the spine made without hinges that simply reading the book tore the covers off.

 photo P7110337_zps5208e9cf.jpg

 photo P7110338_zpscd3f03f0.jpg

 photo P7110339_zpse8d88e19.jpg

Ok, I reworked the spine so that the leather is not directly glued to the signatures as I find this style of binding is less durable than the separated spine. For the spine I used kangaroo leather- it’s reputed to be quite strong as well as very thin. For the mull I wanted something also super strong but very thin so I used silk organza and made headbands out of two bit of the selvage.

 photo P7110340_zps1fd6245a.jpg

 photo P7110341_zps57c8e758.jpg

 photo P7110345_zpse8d6a2e6.jpg

 photo P7110346_zps4f60a397.jpg

 photo P7110347_zps3722ce45.jpg

 photo P7110348_zpsc37d2343.jpg

 photo P7110349_zpse480a8c7.jpg

 photo P7110350_zpsb8d7b0bc.jpg

 photo P7110351_zps404c3d11.jpg

I set up the partial case with rice paste and tucked the edges into the covers then set the signatures onto the case and carefully tucked the mull (wetted with paste) under the covers with a micro spatula. Tricky business but I did manage it at last.

Due to the smallness of the volume, I’m not going to even attempt to title the spine. If I had a real gilding set up with 10pt or even 8pt type in Times New Roman, I might attempt it but there’s no way I can make letters that small with the Hot Mark.

I’m also looking forward to reading this- it’s one of Scott’s lesser known works and I’ve never read it. Until now, this volume was much to fragile to read!

 photo P7120338_zps6a54744d.jpg

Back- there’s a visible lump where the leather is tucked under. I must not have scraped this side quite as thin.
 photo P7120339_zps885fb6ca.jpg

New Spine
 photo P7120340_zps6e38bb76.jpg

 photo P7120341_zpsa962c2f2.jpg

 photo P7120342_zpsb5e56ee1.jpg

Fore edge painting undisturbed
 photo P7120343_zpsfe8343a6.jpg

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