I am loving this sudden cold snap! It feels like autumn- which makes me want to run away. I always feel like this in the fall- I want to sneak off and just keep walking.

My rebind on the Warrior’s Apprentice is coming along fairly well. I will need more silver for the front cover but I’ve got enough in the house for the spine label so I’ll be doing that tonight. I think the PVA glair is too strong for commercial book paper although it works like a dream on the cotton paper. The silver loss on the edge is unacceptably high. For the next commercial book, I’ll try egg glair for the edges and perhaps leave off the bole.

I went ahead and ordered the gold for the Oz book edges- I already have the leather so I should be able to edge gild and case in books 2-14 soon. Book 1 is going to take more time and effort since I’m being horribly picky about the artwork and I’ll have to print it up myself.

Occasionally I get annoyed with myself over things like that. Like the Narnia books- couldn’t I just go with something I can easily get? But no, I want all the pictures and the Bles 50s editions have several full page illustrations that are not in the American editions or any of the later editions. But (of course there’s a ‘but’)- 50s editions means acid paper. So I’ll have to remake them all on good paper… and it’s not like there isn’t a Narnia set or 20. There are even two bound in leather. Why couldn’t I just be happy with that?

I suppose I should be grateful that acid paper is no longer the norm.

Eventually, I’m going to make my library exactly what I want it to be- as far as the books go. The room is another matter altogether- my dream library has a fireplace (yeah, I know), a couple of comfortable chairs for reading, a largish table for research and games, a nook to house the games (and all of Nancy’s world) and both an attached audio visual room and an attached workshop. Oh, and a coffee and tea cabinet next to the fireplace and close to the workroom door.@ dream

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