Day 414

I knew I wasn’t the only one struggling with great books on acid paper:

So now I have two questions for the six books I want but will have to copy and print or something- is this good enough? And if so, how much of it will I need?

The first question is the most difficult. If I get the books I want and treat them with the spray, will it be good enough that I won’t be always feeling like I took a short cut? This is something only I can decide for myself and at the moment, I’m rather up in the air about it. I use the Hot Mark for gilding… but I can’t afford all the tools and so on to do it any other way so there’s no choice there. This is a choice- I could afford to scan and reprint all these books but it would be costly in time as well as in money- the paper for one of them is hard to find and not fantastic- athough not acidic- and I’ll lose some clairty in both text and pictures because my printer is only so-so. However, in the studies I have read, the spray does leave a white residue (which is what makes it effective) that is visible under a microscope and therefor may also cause some little loss of clarity.

Just as a note, this is what libraries and museums use for their valuable papers (documents and artwork) that need to be deacidified. I’m pretty sure that those people don’t have a voice in the back of their head saying things like “You could have done this better.”

Any thoughts?

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