Day 395

Sorry for the radio-silence… it was unintentional. Miss me?

1st day of school here- I requested the day off but was told I couldn’t have today because it’s inventory at work. Which is the second or third time I’ve requested a vacation day and been told I couldn’t have the day I requested- here, have this day instead. Um, really? This is about to become annoying.

Because I was requesting the first day of school off, I did not request my birthday off as they’re in the same week… so guess what? Now I’m working both. I pointed this out to my manager but I don’t think I got quite the guilt I was going for. Next year, I’ll just request the whole damned week but for this year, when my BFF comes to visit and I ask for time off, I’ll use this as ammunition.

Also it is election day so I will have to take Mom to vote after I get home from work. This is a small price to pay for having the stupid campaign ads go away- only one local candidate is not running a negative smear campaign… and he’s the one the rest of them are smearing, mostly. I’m voting for him.

I am still using Frontline on the cats and dogs… but it doesn’t seem to be working any more- or at least not as well. Any suggestions for an alternative? (Advantage didn’t work last time.)

I haven’t had any luck finding my Blumenhusen advent calendar so I wrote the company and asked about a possible reprint. They have no plans to reprint it and can’t help me. Bother.

I’ve been mostly working on the data entry for my reworking of the 221B Baker Street game. Lots of it so it’s slow going. I’m hoping to get a good bit done over the weekend.

GTG! More later… or tomorrow

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