Day 393

This is my vacation day but since I didn’t do my chores yesterday, I have to do them today. Which is fine, I chose to take the time Emily was in school and spend the time alone and quiet. I needed that a lot.

I expect that my chores will not take too long- partly because my BFF sent me a surprise for my birthday-

I’m not brewing it as strongly as they suggest- I think I might not be able to drink it if I did because I’m not so fond of espresso- but brewing it like I do other coffee, it’s pretty tasty and does seem to have a bit more kick to it. Of course, if you’re not used to coffee, the effect might be more pronounced.

Emily’s picture day at school is coming up so last night I helped her retouch her roots and we tried to put blue streaks in her hair. (I won’t know for sure how well that worked until she gets up as her hair was still wet when she went to bed.) Problem is- the black dye comes with gloves but the blue did not… and I didn’t have any. So now I either look cyanotic- or like I watched Avatar one too many times.

Also, I have a complaint. Emily wanted to try the new coffee last night (as she’s ADHD, coffee tends to help her sleep) and she got my Chessie mug. She left it perched precariously on the edge of the bathroom sink… and when I complained about that, she said ‘well, it’s my mug’. I jumped her for that- it is NOT, it was a Christmas gift to me last year and I’m fond of it. Does anyone else have this? Em has ‘her’ stuff- which is hers and then there is ‘my’ stuff- which is hers if she wants it enough. At least, that’s how she acts so I have to assume that’s how it is in her head. It’s a bit annoying.

Ok, time to get started on the chores- I want to finish early so I can take Emily to see Guardians of the Galaxy– I already love the raccoon.

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