Day 376

The problem with going to bed on time is that I wake up far too early- and then I’ve had just enough sleep that it’s hard to get back to sleep but I’m still too tired to be productive- I just can’t turn my brain off.

Work is still crazy- I can’t complain (much) as my manager is having to work as hard and at least as many hours as I am- we just need more people to get the work done that needs to be done.

Other than that, I’ve been working on the 221B Baker Street game, doing a little with recasing a book (going very slow as I’m just trying to do a little bit every day) and doing a lot of wishing for the book collecting. I’ve discovered that Methuen put out deluxe leather editions of the Pooh books in the 20s… and they beat Easton press or even any of the rebinds all hollow for being beautiful. The problem is, I’m not the only one who thinks so and they tend to run to the expensive side- in good condition- very expensive. Still, I’m a very lucky person and very stubborn so I’m hoping I can manage to eventually add all of them to my collection. Look how pretty this is:

I blame my Dad because apparently, being a little nutty about books runs in the family. Emily told me yesterday that when she was in grade school, she appointed herself to look after the books in her class room, keep them in order and make sure they all got returned- and fined her classmates if they damaged a book. Aww- my little librarian! And I have to say, no matter how destructive she has been or gets (she once tore up a brick), she has never damaged books. She never scribbled in them, folded over pages, tore out pages or anything else. When her grade school was trying to get all the kids to read, I was arguing with them because they refused to take away Emily’s book until she finished her maths… and I’m like ‘no, you don’t understand- this is one child who does not need encouragement to read. If you let her have a book, she will read instead of doing any of her other work.’ They apparently had never had a child who didn’t have to be forced to read… and didn’t believe me when I said I frequently had to go in after bedtime and take the book and the flashlight away.

So maybe this is just a family thing.

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One Response to Day 376

  1. Ginger Wells Almy says:

    Our similar history with a “bookish” parent makes me appreciate your article on Day 376 so much. I used to work at the UMPH and there was a wonderful gentleman back in the bindery who took a liking to me. He completely re-bound my Mother’s 1949 Cookbook that my Dad had given her. He put a lot of effort into it. As I was raised in a bookstore (Zibart’s), I appreciate books more than most. I loved your post about judging on grammar, spelling, etc. Me too. Sometimes I think I should have been an editor.

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