Day 364

I know I haven’t posted for awhile- sorry about that. I’ve been working six days a week and there really isn’t much to post about other than work… and nothing of note about work. (SSDD- just more of it)

After work and the household chores, I haven’t been doing much. I have been working on a project but since it’s for my best friend’s Christmas present and she reads my journal, there will be nothing posted about it and no pictures until after I give it to her. It’s actually hard not to talk about it as I’m very excited with it and it’s going (mostly) swimmingly!

The other things I’ve been working on when I can are the napkins for the hobbit tablecloth (two down, two to go) and an antique map for my Mom. She’s had it for forever and had it stuck up to the wall with that double sided sticky sh*t- which I have been attempting to remove with limited success. People, please don’t use that stuff on anything you think you might want to keep! When I get a good day for it, I’m going to spray the map (printed in the 50’s) with deacidification spray before taking it in to get it framed properly. But I need a day without rain, please! I can’t really do this indoors- the map is huge, my work room is not THAT well ventilated and I don’t want any wet at all on it.

I’ve started on Christmas presents- I’m late, I know but I do have a good idea for almost everybody except Mom and Eliz.

And I went ahead and bought the Pooh set for my library. A huge unneccessary expense but I was afraid if I let that set get away, I’d end up spending a lot more. So I’ll be buying things for other people- but nothing for me for a long long time.

My new set of books!

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