Day 362

I have been thinking that I would not be able to go to the AQS Quilt show even though it is here in town this year.

But Friday is my day off, a one day pass is only $14 and I can go from about 9 to 1 before I’ll have to leave and pick Emily up. Or maybe she could go home with her BFF and I could pick her up on the way home- although there are a couple of reasons I don’t want to give her any reward and I am not sure if I can stand to be in such a crowded place for longer than 5 hours.

As for chores- I can pick up Alex’s food tomorrow before work and the other cat food after work as well as Mom’s vodka and cigarettes. I wouldn’t be able to hang clothes out on the line anyway (60% chance of rain) so I can do laundry tomorrow night and finish any I don’t get done after dinner Friday.

In other words, I’m telling myself ‘Quit saying that you can’t and figure out how you can… and then do it.’

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