Day 360 AQS Quilt Show

Well, that was a bit disappointing. I’m sure that I would have had a better time if I had someone to go with and/or could have gone to some of the out-lying events… like the event last night at Hamilton Place mall with 50 quilts from the area quilters. I did see one fantastic quilt- in the National Quilt Museum section where we were not allowed to take pictures. But it was featured in one of the AQS books… so I bought the book… and found a really nice large picture on line to show you:

Autumn Lily by Mami Noda. Click on it to get the BIG picture.

Most of the quilts were machine pieced, machine quilted, machine embellished and so on. It just felt as though my type of quilting doesn’t have any place in the quilt world anymore. Even most of the shopping was geared to the machine people. I did see a kind of funny quilt- it was machine done but it had a box on it and the words “Before you can think outside the box- you must first have the box” Oddly, I felt like that was what was wrong with most of the quilts I saw- they had either forgotten the box or never had one.

Some of the quilts and sights:
 photo P9120444_zps9651adee.jpg
Going in…

 photo P9120407_zpsced8dac9.jpg

 photo P9120408_zpsef49350a.jpg

 photo P9120409_zps6b2798d1.jpg

 photo P9120410_zpsd87ba391.jpg

 photo P9120411_zps8e43ad43.jpg

 photo P9120412_zpsd3f72b64.jpg

 photo P9120413_zps6776222c.jpg

 photo P9120414_zps2898ce09.jpg

 photo P9120415_zps3f83d0e1.jpg

 photo P9120416_zps74a7ac18.jpg

 photo P9120417_zps7425c121.jpg

 photo P9120418_zpsf9d17628.jpg

 photo P9120419_zpse2f260a7.jpg

 photo P9120420_zps8c0be069.jpg

 photo P9120421_zps437a7a23.jpg

 photo P9120422_zpsedd37879.jpg

 photo P9120423_zps8b6ca9c8.jpg

 photo P9120424_zps4d38babb.jpg

 photo P9120425_zps4cd303bd.jpg

 photo P9120426_zps96927065.jpg

 photo P9120427_zpsa41dfed7.jpg

 photo P9120428_zpsf9009911.jpg

 photo P9120429_zpsaccab917.jpg

 photo P9120430_zps8cab7384.jpg

 photo P9120431_zpsbab94397.jpg
I wish I had gotten a clearer picture of this one

 photo P9120432_zps0140b518.jpg

 photo P9120433_zps13611bb2.jpg

 photo P9120434_zps8bce64e5.jpg

 photo P9120435_zps3ac96040.jpg

 photo P9120436_zps690b54e9.jpg

 photo P9120437_zps7d5e536a.jpg

 photo P9120438_zps07ecf4d1.jpg

 photo P9120439_zps21951e0a.jpg

 photo P9120440_zps1e993582.jpg

 photo P9120441_zps850d41d3.jpg

 photo P9120442_zps11e6a938.jpg

 photo P9120443_zps6c6be9ac.jpg

 photo P9120445_zps0f08cf3b.jpg

Also? A bus pulled out in front of me this morning causing some very creative driving on my part to avoid an accident… as well as a few minutes sitting there calming down afterwards. As it happens, I ended up in a small pull off on the side of the road so I could just sit there. (Small favors!) When I told Em, she didn’t even bother to manufacture any concern about it. *sigh*

I did run into Emily’s first grade teacher- she was taking a personal day to go to the quilt show 🙂

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