Day 353

Just to reiterate- my on-line friends are awesome.

I have a small day off today and I am not getting much done as yet- I think a nap might be in order. After that and a bit of shopping, I want to sweep and mop the rest of the house, fix my hair sticks and clean more out of my closet.

My goal for the closet is to clear enough space to install some wide shelves so that I have a place for all of Nancy’s things- both completed and in progress- that is temperature controlled as well as out of my way and less tempting to the cats. I picked my closet because it’s mostly full of clothes I don’t wear, haven’t worn in years and (mostly) don’t WANT to wear. Why are they still hanging around?

I got my beautiful Winnie the Pooh books and they’re in fantastic shape except for the ribbon markers which are very fragile where they are not shredded- totally unusable. I’m debating if I should remove and replace them or just remove them altogether.

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