Day 352

Does anyone know of a program that ‘burns’ your desktop? What I’m looking for is something that creates the graphics of whatever you’re working on go up in flames on demand without actually damaging anything. That way, when you’re working on something that’s frustrating, you can ‘burn’ it… and then go back to working on it.

I’ve discovered why it’s annoying to me not to have two days off in a row. Yesterday, I cleaned. A lot. This morning, the house is lovely and clean, there is no laundry and no dishes to be washed… and I have to go to work. Tonight, there will be a few things to do… and I have to work tomorrow. By my next day off, a lot of the cleaning will need to be done again- maybe not as badly but it won’t be clean. So I can either do it all again… or try to ignore it and do some of my projects and relax. Of course, I don’t relax all that well in a dirty house so often I spend half my second day cleaning again. So I never feel like I had a day off. *grumble*

This weekend, I’m going to push hard to get the last two napkins done for my hobbit tablecloth set- Monday is Bilbo & Frodo’s birthday and while I won’t throw a party (don’t I just wish!) I do want to have a nice dinner… including mushrooms. I don’t know what else yet- suggestions would be good here.

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