Day 350

Happy Hobbit Birthday, everyone!

I’m planning a hobbit dinner tonight so I’ll be setting up the table and will share pictures this evening or in the morning.

For now, I have an update on my Tiny Mouse teapot that I’m raising:

Tiny Mouse Yixing teapot photo 2396668080031924160hDLpdy_fs_zps2b703635.jpg
Tiny Mouse December 4 2011

 photo Sept222014_zpsb43393cc.jpg
Tiny Mouse September 22, 2014

I could be doing better, I think. He should be much shiney-er. And I need to order more tea…

For the rest of today, I’m going to put together a bookcase to go in my closet for Nancy’s things. I would have that together already but it took me awhile to find a bookcase the right size. And while I was looking for one at Walmart, I was hindered by an overly helpful salesboy… who discovered that I was conversant with gaming and actually followed me around telling me all about his god-like character in a D&D like game. Ok- I don’t mind guys who game… most of them like a lot of things that I like too… but gamer-guys- whew! I tried to be polite while still looking for a shelving unit that would work- and finally had to excuse myself to the bathroom so he would stop following me. Walmart did not, in fact, have anything that would have worked. Neither did Lowe’s or Home Depot but I did finally find one at Target.

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