Day 347 A short tale of awesome

This morning when I got up, I had no internet and no ‘phone. Just my house, I checked by sneaking into Mom’s house while I was leaving her paper and her ‘phone is fine.


So I took Emily to school, went on to work and called the EPB.

Now, I’m braced for hours, if not days, of waiting while they get around to seeing what the problem is… but it is the EPB and I’ve been pleased with their service before. And I have Friday off, so I can schedule a service call if they can get to me that quickly.


A very nice young man named Jason got on the line from tech support, asked me about the symptoms and then asked me to hold on for a minute. In just about one minute (!!!!) he was back and said he thought he had the problem fixed. As it was only 7:10 and I didn’t have to clock in until 8, I ran home and sure enough, my ‘phone and internet are back up and working fine.

I’m impressed- he had me back on-line within 10 minutes of me placing the first call. Not 10 hours or 10 days… 10 minutes– I wasn’t even late to work.


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