Day 344

I may be about to inherit an entire library. One of Mom’s old friends is going into assisted living in Florida (from here) and her daughter has already told her that the books aren’t coming. (I hate her daughter- and I haven’t even met her.) So Mom’s going to offer to buy the entire library to keep it from going in the dumpster. (!!! I REALLY hate her daughter!) and give it to me to curate. Mom calls her a ‘book collector’ so I don’t know if I’m going to be looking at boxes and boxes of 1st edition Steinbecks or boxes and boxes of cheap romance paperbacks or an eclectic mix of both. Either way- many many boxes of books.

Work is going to be interesting for awhile- my manager cut his hand rather badly late Friday night. He was at work yesterday but he should not have been and was finally convinced to go home early. I hope he rests today because things are going to kind of be crazy for the next two weeks.

Even more so for me- I’ve got a conference with Emily’s math teacher Monday, inventory is Thursday, my manager has Saturday off (religious holiday) and Mom has her high-school reunion (so dinner is on me), the next Monday Mom has a doctor’s appointment and I need to make an appointment for that Friday for Emily’s six month med check since they are on fall break that week and she doesn’t need to miss any more school. Whew! I’ll be glad when it’s all over.

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