Day 332

Oh bother, I wanted to post yesterday just for the fun of the number…

However, I have a raging eye infection and so spent what time I was not at work either piecing on my quilt or with my eyes closed (sometimes both). Yesterday was a small truck and we were practically done by 2 pm so when I said I was going to take a 15 minute break and what did my boss want me working on when I got back, he told me to go home. As I was miserable (eye itching, dry and burning) I did, put medicine in it and went to sleep for a couple of hours. I’m thinking that it’s possible that was payback for the Saturday a couple of weeks ago after he cut his hand pretty badly Friday night when I kept telling him “Go home- we’ve got this.” He had no business being at work, couldn’t use one hand and was obviously in pain.

Yes, my co-workers and I do try to take care of each other. It’s a good group to be part of.

No, I have not been to the eye doctor. I have a tube of erythromycin for the eyes and unless I am badly mistaken, that’s all I’ll get from going to the doctor- another script for erythromycin. If I run out of this tube, then I’ll go… or if it isn’t better (as in gone) by Monday.

Amusingly, when I was over at Mom’s last night, I picked up the quilt I’m piecing on over there (Storm at Sea) and she told me not to- just to rest my eye. She wouldn’t believe me when I told her that piecing would strain my eye less than watching TV. I wasn’t up for an arguement (and I tend to pick my battles with her- this wasn’t important) so I watched TV with her with one eye closed because screens are hard on the eyes.

In related thoughts, I really should look and see how many blocks of Storm at Sea I have- I’m still debating about how many of them I need because I am not sure how many quilts I’m making… although obviously 80s has forfeited any claim to one. And what will I do with all the extra blocks I cut out? Maybe Ebay as a kit? I can’t imagine anyone would want it… but you never know.

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