Day 331

I caved and went to the eye doctor yesterday while I was out- partly because we were going right past there and partly because this is my eye and the two things I’m really careful about taking care of are my eyes and my hands.

She said it is cellulitis and gave me more erythromycin ointment and 500 mg of Augmentin orally three times a day, plus continue the hot compresses. So I was doing the right thing… I just needed a lot more help antibiotically. (And if it gets worse, my vision blurs or the redness spreads, get to the emergency room immediately. I have to assume that she meant if my vision blurs for reasons other than putting ointment in my eye!)

I’m not sorry I went- my eye seems better this morning. The swelling is reduced and the redness is less, I think. So I think I’ll be ok.

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