Day 322

One more week until I can see National Theatre’s Frankenstein… I’m trying hard to be patient! Why, oh why don’t they put it on DVD?

Last week, I took Monday off and worked on my Irish chain quilt. This Monday, I’m working on another project for Christmas so I can’t talk about it. Yet. It is, however, progressing awesomely. So far I’ve discovered that fabric dye will dye wood but not brass and that scissors will cut basswood very nicely if it’s thin enough… and sometimes even if it isn’t.

The eye cleared up nicely, thank goodness, and it doesn’t look as if I’ll have to have another course of antibiotics.

After I finish this gift, I still have Mom, both the girls and one or two more gifts to decide on and acquire. Phpttt! I’m way behind this year. Also cards- I’m not giving that up.

On the up side, I do seem to have enough energy that I’m not looking for ways to conserve this year and that’s a huge bonus.

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