Day 305 More coffee!

The problem (for me) with going to bed very early is that I only sleep a certain number of hours before I can’t sleep anymore. Hence a 9:30 bedtime translates into ‘I’m up at 2:45 in the flippin’ morning!!’

However, I can accomplish a lot of things with an uninterrupted byte of time like that. Shower and start the laundry and start coffee (more coffee, I had most of a pot in the thermos when I woke up. By design.) And look at books. I still haven’t found a Huckleberry Finn that pleases me, Penrod is being difficult having not been reprinted recently and therefore on acid paper and while I have found The Silver Chalice from Easton I am debating if I want to try it or I want an illustrated copy. I’ve also found a Complete Uncle Remus from Easton- it’s just a bit pricey right before the holidays. Actually that’s usually my complaint- I find the exact book I want… and it’s hundreds of dollars. *sigh*

On the other hand, my Siddhartha arrived and it’s practically perfect.

My Irish Chain quilt is coming along- I have all the setting squares done and am starting on the pieced squares. There’s only a dozen of them but there’s 49 pieces each so that will take me a minute. I should have a chance to work on it today as I don’t have many chores.

I do need to get my gift project finished and then wrap all the gifts I already have for people. I’d like to have all of it done by the first of December as I’ve discovered in years past that things can happen in December and if I’m not forehanded, I’ll run out of time because the demands on my time will suddenly explode.

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