Day 281

Rabbit, rabbit, white rabbit.

Because I could really use the luck today! There’s a copy of the advent calendar that Shredder destroyed on ebay (first one since she destroyed it) and I really really want to win it. There’s also a set of books that’s gotten down into the very tempting range- I’m trying not to look at that until later.

Why am I up at 3 bloody o’clock in the morning? Can’t sleep. I’ve been having back problems- not major, just annoying- and combined with a touch of heart burn, I can’t get comfortable enough to fall back asleep.

So I’m up and have been getting out the Christmas books and will possibly get out the advent calendars we’ve chosen for this year in a little bit. And maybe the movies… I need to make a couple of Christmas quilts too although I wouldn’t finish them in time for Christmas this year. I need one for the back of the sofa (Christmas Cats) and another to hang over the sliding door… and Alpine Wonder to stand in for a Christmas tree for the years I don’t have time or space for a real one.

This year’s advent calendars will include my new Tolkien calendar, Merlind, Tasha Tudor’s Afternoon Teas, a British cooking advent calendar, Doctor Who 2009 and the Norman Rockwell because we’ve used it before. And the Blumenhaus when I get it, of course. Emily helped me pick them out and she decided that we should only have one or two new ones per year but we can use all the ones we’ve used before if we want. That way we’ll get a nice mix of new surprises and ‘oh, yes, I remember that’ nostalgia every year until we’ve used them all. We’re starting five this year because it’s a new thing- up until it was Shredded, I always used the Blumenhaus- ever since I was six. Emily wants the cooking calendar in the kitchen and she picked Doctor Who and Merlind for her and Afternoon Teas for me… and I wasn’t willing to wait for Tolkien’s Father Christmas. She really loves the vintage German calendars I’ve picked up- but didn’t want to use them this year in hopes that the cats will settle down more before we get them out. I think she might be afraid of another Shredding incident.

Part of the problem with me getting up in the middle of the night is that the cats also get up in the middle of the night. And they want breakfast. And, while I can explain why it isn’t time for breakfast yet, they refuse to understand. This leads to a couple of hours of the girls rushing around like mad things and Alex pointedly sitting in his crate- they all know better than to whine at me.

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