Day 278

Well, my rabbit charm seems to have worked- and how!

I won the calendar and it should be here tomorrow- yay!

I also jumped on while Emily ran over to Gram’s last night… and that Eams lounge that I wanted for Nancy from Vitra- the $650 that I thought was a pipe dream and I would never ever be able to have? Someone had just listed one as a Buy-It-Now for $135. Of course I jumped on it and it should be here one day next week- I can’t believe I saw it first… and I know I did because if anyone else had, it would have been gone.


Other than that, yesterday went pretty well. It was Em’s birthday and she had a reasonably decent day. I took a vacation day amd made a delicious simple dinner and fudge truffle cheesecake tarts for desert. I also got the house mostly cleaned up and found a (plastic) frame that I can cut down for the difficultly sized advent calendar. I still have to figure out frames for the difficultly shaped ones- I’m thinking perhaps paper mache.

Today I have to be in at 7 because of inventory… but that means I will get out early, I hope.

Something funny I meant to post about Monday and didn’t get time- I was very tired and took a bit of a nap before going out to do the chores. I woke up and looked at the clock before the alarm went off… THREE!?! I panicked. I’m supposed to pick Emily up at school at 2:15 so I was 45 minutes late already and I HAD to have a shower. I showered and dressed in 5 minutes and all the while thinking ‘She’s gonna KILL me!’ When I got out of the shower, I was a little more awake and thought ‘There’s no way it’s 3- Mom would have called to ask me why I wasn’t picking Em up, Em would have called me to ask where I was- there’s no way.’ So I go look at the clock in the library (which typically runs a few minutes behind) and it says 3 also. Que more panic… so I dash about and get ready (brushing my teeth while tying my shoes- two activities that do not go well together) and run into the kitchen to grab some coffee to go… and the clock says 11:20. I had mis-read 11:15 as 3 o’clock on not one but two clocks.

Sudden relief- then I feel very stupid- then I’m relieved all over again. I had plenty of time to do the chores and still pick Em up on time.

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