Day 264

Update on cat food: Alex loves the Soulistic! So do the other cats wno have been on Blue Buffalo kibble- so it’s a win. I managed not to get any test strips for the glucometer so I’ll have to get that today and see if it’s raising his blood sugar any and if he still needs any insulin.

Today Emily has a half day of school and when we pick her up, we’re taking her Christmas shopping and then going to get a tree. Christmas is getting into full swing here!

I couldn’t wait so I gave zenkitty her big Christmas gift- Howl’s Moving Castle re-bound in blue-green leather with a door on the front. (This is the project I couldn’t post about.) The door opens to a detail of the Flamarian engraving and has the square knob on the lintel with four colours. The knob and keyhole and hinges have such small nails that I had to use jewelry pliers to hold them in place. I’ll get some pictures to share later.

We went to see the last part of the Hobbit last night. I enjoyed it a lot but I don’t know what we’ll do next year as our pre-Christmas tradition. Oh well, there’s a whole year to figure that out.

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