Day 257 Happy Christmas!

***Happy Christmas!***

Isn’t it odd that I seem to be dealing with Alex and medical problems right around Christmas again? However, this is not so bad- I got a meter and test strips and even allowing for some variation in reading a cat with a meter designed for humans, his blood sugar hasn’t come within 30 points of either low or high and the readings are getting consistantly lower. I am not sure it was not the food that was causing the diabetes! And he is the most patient cat- he sits on my lap and lets me poke at his ear with a loud and sharp thing until I can get a drop of blood (I’m getting better at this now) and then sits still for me to get it onto the meter.

In other news, I can finally show you the book I made for zenkitty’s Christmas gift!

Door in progress

Door in place

Behind the door



At my house we have two Christmases. The first is when zenkitty comes to visit and the second is today with family at Mom’s house. For our first Christmas, we went to see the Hobbit, had some presents and had just what we wanted to eat- today will be a bit more traditional with turkey and family gifts. Since we have to go to Mom’s for family Christmas, this is what we did for first Christmas:

Some, but not all, obligatory Christmas photos:
 photo P1010497_zps5117ee28.jpg
Kitten examining our $5 tree. Just in passing I have to note that I told the cats when we brought the tree in that it was not for climbing and they have not messed with it. At all. Our ornaments are mostly german glass and the only one we’ve lost this year is one that broke as Emily was taking it out of the box.

 photo P1010500_zps7df2400b.jpg
Emily did ALL the decorating herself!

 photo P1010501_zpscbce17c6.jpg
The Christmas table

 photo P1010525_zpsbb73842c.jpg
Advent calendars, Christmas books and cards

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