Day 251

Well, Romjul (the period between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve) is over. This afternoon I’ll be putting away the Christmas boxes and the wreath for another year- although Emily has asked that the movies and books stay out for awhile longer. I almost feel like I had an extended Romjul this year since it’s been feeling like after-Christmas since the 17th.

I’m still working on the Irish chain quilt blocks- I slowed down because I’ve also been working on Nancy’s Sorbonne outfit. As I’m making it out of silk velvet, I can’t leave all the edges unfinished as in the original so I’m lining it with black silk satin. I also changed the neckline of the vest (unintentionally, really) so it’s much more rounded and I’m leaving off the useless ugly ‘decoration’ at the bottom. Hence, the vest is going to look a good bit different. I’ve also made a tiny ‘copper’ broach of a palette and brushes for her to wear on the shoulder. The one thing I did not have to make is the body suit which was made for her by Ann MacKenzie who knitted the vest and beret for her book club outfit. It will still be awhile before she’s ready for a picture but I’m liking the way this is coming together.

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