National Hot Tea month

[info]mokie informs me that January is National Hot Tea month.

This could explain why I drink a lot more of it in January than I do other months… and I do more thinking about tea than in any other month.

Or, maybe it’s just, like, really cold outside, or something.

In keeping with that, I have another tea to review for you tonight-

Assam (Two Leaves Organic)
4 min at 212°
Nice and smooth but not very strong or flavorful. No bitterness and just enough astringency for a pleasant balance. Worth a second cup… but not a third. I only had the one tea bag so I brewed a second cup from the same bag and it held up very well- the second brew was very close to the first.
Would not repurchase- there will never be a day when I think to myself “What I really want is a cup of Assam.”

In other tea news, Teavivre has promised to send me some new teas to review. It will be some little time before I get them- they’re in China- but I am looking forward to it and in the meantime, I should have some samples from Adagio Teas arriving tomorrow.

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