Prince of Wales tea

Prince of Wales (Twinings)

3 min at 200°
This tea was specifically created by Twinings for HRH The Prince of Wales in 1921, who later became King Edward VIII. This special blend combines teas carefully selected from the Jiangxi, Anhui and Yunnan provinces in China where their high altitude and mountain mists help protect the tea bush from excessive sunlight, forming conditions ideal for tea leaf and bud development. Joined together with tea from the Hunan province, these teas create an aromatic blend that is brownish-red in color and has a light, mild taste and slightly woody characteristic. Perfect for a cool autumn day or a cold winter night, this smooth, mellow tea will leave you feeling renewed.

This tea is… diplomatic. It’s very well balanced, nothing stands out and it is neither bitter, nor very astringent, nor sweet. There is absolutely nothing to offend anyone at all in anyway including that it will never suffer the charge of tasting like hot water. No one could dislike this tea.

But then again, it will never be anyone’s favorite. The same things that keep it firmly on the side of a very good tea to serve when you don’t know your guests well keep it from wow-ing. Do I want it in my house? Definitely. Will I make sure I never run out? No, I can wait until the next shopping trip- no call for a special one.

I had a hard time doing this review- there just wasn’t anything to say. “It’s good tea” seems a cop out and everything else kind of slithered away. Also, my Adagio teas did not arrive today- maybe tomorrow. For now, I’m going to go and make Potato Soup.

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