Formosa Oolong Tea

Formosa Oolong(Adagio Teas)
3 min at 212°
4 min at 212°
5 min at 212°

Formosa Oolong is a darker style oolong tea from Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa (which means ‘beautiful’, given by the Portuguese explorers of the island). Deep raisiny and ripe fruit aroma, autumn ‘leafy’ notes. Lingering sweet flavor and smooth, refreshingly fruity astringency. This Formosa Oolong is easy to prepare and remains a lovely introduction to Taiwanese tea.

I steeped this three times, one at 3 min, one at 4 min and one at 5 min because the directions say ‘3-5 min’ and I wanted to find out which one was the best for this tea. Three minutes yields a brew that is mild and nice but nothing special- no reason to go out of my way to find it again. Four minutes gives a stronger, slightly more astringent cup- still very pleasant- with more of the ‘leafy’ taste. Five minutes is best in my opinion. The astringency smooths out and the taste is much deeper and richer. I won’t insist that I always have this in my cabinet but it’s a good alternate if my favorites are unavailable.

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