I’ve noticed a few things…

In looking through tea cups and saucers (and tea cozies…), I’ve noticed a couple of things.

#1. Burleighware is England’s Blue Ridge pottery. It’s not fine or bone china… but the old patterns are so fantastic that people still want it- and enough of most of it was made that you could find enough to use for every day- which is what it was intended for.

#2 Nobody knows the difference between ‘Art Deco’ and ‘Art Nouveau’. PSA: Art Deco has straight lines and corners and lots of angles. It looks semi-mechanical… perhaps it’s the precursor to steampunk. Art Nouveau has flowing lines, no angles and looks elvish with shapes drawn from nature. Come on, people, this is not that hard!

I had a dentist appointment today. Sadly, it could not all be fixed in one go as I need a root canal (Monday) and then in two weeks, a crown. The bad part of that is a dentist visit renders me unfit for anything afterward as the lidocane or novacane makes me want to sleep as it wears off. This is almost gone and, while there is no pain, a nap is becoming imperative.

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