The good, the bad and the teacup

The good: I forgot to mention that Emily made blueberry jam last night. She asked for some from the store but there was no blueberry to be had… but we had blueberries in light syrup on closeout for a little over $1 a can. So I got two of those and a package of Sure-Jel. When I got home I got Emily to ‘help’ me by opening the cans and measuring out how much blueberry we had and then put it in the pot and heat with the Sure-Jel until it was a rolling boil. Then I added the sugar (I had to adjust the amount to allow for the sugar in the syrup) and had her bring it back to a boil and stir for 1 minute. Then I poured it off into a freshly washed quart jar… and we’re done. Congratulations honey, you just made jam!

The bad: I went to the dentist today- I have another appointment with an endodontist Monday, I have to have a root canal. And a post and a crown. Ouch- bye-bye $$$!

The teacup: I got one of the trios I have found on Ebay- a Burleighware pattern called “Moonbeams” and I’ve already carefully washed it and am having coffee out of it right now! To save on shipping, I asked that they only send me the trio- which is all I wanted- and they agreed so I did not get the chipped sandwich plate. But see how lovely it is-

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