Getting through

Well, I got through another Valentine’s Day- this one wasn’t even painful. I had to work but not in a department where (like floral) it was being rubbed in my face all day so it was just another Saturday. With all the weather stations screaming we were going to be buried under a massive snow, I was kept too busy to even think about it much.

The snow didn’t happen… but the kids got a snow day today anyway and our truck for work is going to be very very late. In fairness, it isn’t bad here… but our trucks are coming from out of town and it is bad elsewhere.

The upshot of this, with the holiday Monday and Emily being ill (or saying she was) Friday, is that she has had 5 days (and counting) off of school. She hasn’t done much with it but it has given her a chance to get over her cold.

My new teacup (that I posted a photo of) was supposed to be here Saturday. I got a notice saying that there was no one to sign for it so they were holding it at the post office. Um, really? Because there was someone- one person in each house- so the post person can’t have even tried. Holiday Monday so today is the first day I could pick it up… which I will go do in a while and raise a little bit of hell about the lack of delivery attempt. My post office used to be awesome but they got rid of all the local people except one and the new people are rubbish. I’m also supposed to get another one today- if they hold that, I’ll be most annoyed.

In other news, Emily and I have been catching up on season 8 of Doctor Who. I was pleased to see Madam Vastra again- I like her.

I’ve also been sewing on my Irish Chain quilt- I’m on the last block so I’ll be able to press all the blocks and set them together soon. Then on to the border! That’s going to take some concentrated time so it may have to sit for a bit until I can get some quality time with my sewing machine. (Yes, I’m going to do the border on the machine, don’t faint.) I’ll attach it by hand but the instructions are for machine strip piecing and rotary cutting and I think that will probably be the best way to do it as it’s quite intricate. Plus I have to sew long strips together and then cut across the sewing and the machine is a better tool for that.

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