Bits and Bobs

First the sad- I’m quite sorry for the loss of Terry Pratchett and Leonard Nimoy- it’s a loss for the whole world and a bad one-two punch.

There’s been a train parked on the railway next to my house for four days now. Why? Well, wouldn’t I just like to know…

As happens sometime, I discovered that I’d let something I loved slip out of my daily life for awhile- in this case, listening to music… specifically, music that I chose to listen to rather than something someone else chose. Em is annoyed with the number of times I’ve played an Imagine Dragons song, mortified that I know “Counting Stars” better than she does and called my not-dancing ‘ridiculous’. Sorry, not sorry and don’t care. I do that every so often- I forget to pick up a book and read for a bit or listen to music or something else that I like to spend time doing periodically and after a little while, I rediscover how much I like doing the what-ever-it-is-this-time and get back to it.

I just read a bit about scheduling housecleaning- kitchen on Monday, bathroom on Tuesday or whatever. I think I will try that. No one room is overwhelming- it’s just an all day thing if I leave it for my days off… and then I get no days off and get cross and grouchy.

Have you see this? B&B giveaway contest.
It’s been suggested to me that I should enter because I would be good at running an inn. The more I think about it, the more I agree- I would be good at it. And I would hate it because it’s taking care of other people and I’m so tired of taking care of other people. Give me a year or two where I only have to take care of others on a low level and can concentrate on taking care of me a little and I might be up for it but right now I’m just so damned tired of people wanting things-especially time- from me that the very idea is horrific. I may be good at caretaking but I don’t like it and never wanted it… and I’ve had too much already.

Since I don’t have a doctor, dentist or tax appointment for anyone today, I’m going to catch up on my TV shows and work on my Irish Chain quilt. I do have a bit of house work to be done and a couple of errands but it’s not anything that’s going to take half my day or more. This is a relief since there’s been something scheduled for every day I’ve had off for the last five weeks.

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