Trying something new

Yesterday being one of my days off, after I did the chores, I made a cheesecake for Easter dinner. This is a new recipe so I’ll share if it’s any good. I had planned to make the 20 layer cake… but I’ve never made it before and I have learned from painful experience that the very first time you make a new fancy dish, it shouldn’t be for a holiday because it’s bound to fail. This is a new recipe… but I’ve made approximately 10,000 cheesecakes and could probably do it in my sleep if need be.

The balance of the day I spent working on my Irish Chain quilt border. This is new for me because I almost never piece on the machine and I was not only piecing on the machine but chain piecing (sewing one piece right after another without cutting the thread until all the like pieces are done)! Never did that before but it’s working well and I have quite a lot of the border units together. The last piece has to be pinned first so that’s going a little slower and I’m doing them in groups of five or so… still faster than hand piecing.

Once I get about 75% of the pieces done, I’ll press them and the top and lay them out on the floor (possibly after shutting the cats up in a bedroom) and figure how the pieces have to go to get around the corners. At that time, I’ll also look and see how the black velvet ribbon will have to go to look like it’s going around the braid and design the specialty piece to look like a braid end. So- still a-ways to go but getting there.

I have to work tomorrow. My manager gave me the option of having the day off and working Monday… but I know we’re going to be very busy and I don’t think the other guy can handle it at all. Plus his mother is ill and I expect he’ll want to spend some time with her- I haven’t said but I think it likely that this may be the last holiday he gets with her. Plus I’ll be off by 3… and after today that will be very nice- today I have to work until 6:30. *grumble*

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