Rainy Friday with thunder

Today is my day for chores… partly because instead of Monday I have this Sunday off. So naturally, it’s pouring and will be all day. This morning I’m doing laundry even though I can’t hang it out and will have to use the dryer and this afternoon I will go do all the running before I pick Emily up at school- then home and clean out Mom’s pantry so I can lay the pantry floor for her on Sunday. It’s a tiny room but I’m still planning a pizza supper for Sunday. All this means I won’t have much actual downtime this week but it will be worth it to get the floor boards off Mom’s porch and have this out of the way.

We finally got our audit yesterday- 100% which is great but also that’s out of the way for a bit. I don’t mind the audit as much as I mind how nuts the waiting makes everybody.

I finished the Irish Chain quilt top yesterday- no pictures because Anna-cat wanted to lay on it so I left it at Mom’s for a day or so. I also finished most of the pieces for the border, reserving some to lay out to get around the corners. Then I started trying to sew them together. Um. I am not going to be able to use the machine for that- no matter how carefully I pinned, the seams were not matching up so I’ll have to put the pieces together by hand.

Looking at the numbers, I may have reserved more pieces than I needed to… but I can always put them together. Better to have reserved too many than have to rip some apart!

In Nancy news, Emily tells me that it is time to give up my Nancy hobby. Pfft- not happening. She also paradoxically wants me to finish her diary. ??? What I actually want to do is finish the outfits I have planned, get the houses together and furnished and take pictures of each outfit with back grounds. Some of these I’ve already done… and some others will be a photo shopped background but some will be in the house or the yard or at college or in the vacation cottage. I’d really love to have a small room to set everything up and leave it so that I could simply move her from the outside of the college to her dorm room or the sweet shop for the next picture. In other words- I want a play-room!

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