Has it been a week already?

It actually has- and what a week it’s being!

Sunday I laid a floor in Mom’s pantry… with muscle protests that attend such activity in the days following. Since I had Sunday off, I had to work Monday (not a hard day at all) and then was informed that I was going to be working at a different store Thursday and Friday.

This causes some problems with Emily as I have no one who can take her home after school so she’s just staying at school until I get there. She has one friend that she could have gone home with… but that friend’s parents are out of town this weekend- starting Wednesday.

So I got to the different store yesterday (I prefer my home store- thanks) and they have me scheduled Friday and Saturday instead of Thursday and Friday. Well, obviously, I’m working at my home store on Saturday! But they found something for me to do- not that my home store wouldn’t have if they hadn’t.

On the good side to this, I did get off a tad early… and as it turned out, that’s a good thing! It’s been raining pretty heavily here and there was flooding on the road so I had to go around a different way. I got to school and Emily is there… and so is her friend who’s parents are out of town. The bus wouldn’t take her home because the road was too flooded… so I took her home. It was really bad- there were a couple of places that I shouldn’t have driven through (but did- twice) and then got us home safely. Her mom called from New Orleans to thank me- she’d been panicking because the child’s phone had died and her brother reported that she wasn’t home. I don’t feel like I did anything special- who would leave a child stranded with no way to get home? Anybody would have done the same.

Today I had to call the temp store and let them know that school is delayed 2 hours so I’ll be late getting there- I have to drop Emily off first and she’s having to stay late because I can’t get her- I’m not going to take her in early and make her wait in the morning too. Somehow I also have to get in Mom’s shopping today, get money out of Emily’s account for her and get Frontline for the cats.

Then tomorrow I’m back at my home store for the big truck of the week… and finally a day off after that.

On the good side, I found a couple of things on Ebay that I’ve been looking for at prices I was actually willing to pay- including a copy of Ender’s Game (Easton Press edition) for under $200. Awesome!

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