Who here (besides me) still uses bookplates?

I get it- I’m old fashioned (you say that like it’s a bad thing). When I was growing up, books were very important in my house… and still are. No matter what else the girls damaged or destroyed, I managed to make them very careful of books and books were never among the casualties.

The family bookplate tradition started with my dad (Mom would have been too cheap to ever buy bookplates so I don’t have one for her.) I’ve only ever found one of his:

It’s in the cover of his copy of Lord of the Rings. He wrote his name in quite a few earlier books but either he didn’t have bookplates until the 60s or the books I still have, he didn’t deem worthy of one.

When I was very small, he got me my own set of bookplates:

Naturally I wasted a number of these on books that I no longer have- a good many of them were destroyed in the fire when I was 10- but there are still a few books with this affixed inside the cover. It’s a good thing the name is pre-printed… I was much to small to write when I got these.

When those were used up, I didn’t have any until after college. What with one thing and another, other things were always more important. But after college I got a new set:

I didn’t get the name pre-printed- either it wasn’t available or was prohibitively expensive. I also couldn’t find the same ones I had before so I had to settle for something I liked but not something I loved.

When I ran out of those, we had made leaps and bounds with computers, scanners and printers and I could design my own exactly the way I wanted it:

 photo Tolkien bookplate_zpsibpezhdt.jpg

Obviously, the choices were too many! Ultimately, I use the Tolkien bookplate as being most “me-ish”. I have, however, stopped pasting them inside the front covers reguardless of endpapers. Now, if the endpaper is pictorial, I paste them inside the front free endpaper and preserve the picture.

The tradition is continuing with the girls:

Originally these were Eliz’s but she didn’t use many of them and is not so much a book person so Emily has inherited them. I would get her some of her own choosing but she likes these. For now, anyway.

So- who else uses bookplates? What do they look like? Do you use the same one all the time? If not, when and why do you vary it?

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