Not everything

You know the saying “I want to be Barbie- that b*tch has everything”? Well, actually, no. What she doesn’t have is a set of bedsprings. Mattresses, yes. Sheets, pillows, quilts- check. But no springs.

So. Enter me, wanting bedsprings because beds are really not so comfortable if it’s a mattress on slats and the bed is a lot lower without them. High and low, I have looked and nary a set of bedsprings (1/6 scale) to be found. Not even on Amazon where you can still get the perfume Napoleon wore and the condiment Nero ate.

Well, here’s another project. I found miniature compression springs on ebay and got a roll of galvanized wire mesh to be the top and bottom (Lowe’s garden centre- $9) and more galvanized wire to attach the springs when they get here. Now all I have to do is cut the mesh to size, arrange and attach the springs when they get here- assuming that 50 is enough. The more I think about it, the more I think I may have to have more springs!

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