Well, I jinxed myself. I was talking today to not one but three different people about how I almost never have trouble falling asleep- and, for a fact, I did not have any trouble falling asleep tonight.

Staying asleep proved to be another matter altogether.

Part of the problem is that today was very busy and mostly unpleasant. I had to register Emily for summer school (at 7am- she did not do well in several classes and has to make them up). There were so many people doing the same thing that I did not get to work until 9am… and today was inventory and a huge truck. My manager was pretty well upset with me about being late… even though it was nothing I did nor anything I could avoid or change in any way. As Emily was at home and could feed the cats, I stayed late- really late (7pm and at that I didn’t get everything done)- and when I got home went right over to Mom’s without even going in my house. So- dinner there- which was not unpleasant but still chores- and finally home at 8:30pm. OMFG! After that I spent a little time talking to Em about summer school- she can do it as fast as she wants and get it over and then about an hour talking to zenkitty. For anybody else, I wouldn’t have been able to talk but that girl gives me energy just by existing!

I was so tired I botched my logic problem and just set it down to do in the morning and fell right to sleep.

That might not have been the good thing you’d expect because I had some high old dreams and woke up again by 1am. After tossing and turning for an hour (with the cats doing their level best to get me back to sleep) I came out and turned on the computer.

One of the things keeping me awake was thinking about a particular book-

It’s a 1907 copy of Rip Van Winkle illustrated by Arthur Rackham but this one has been rebound in leather- probably soon after it was originally purchased- so one of a kind. The only other version I have found of this printing in leather is the Easton press reprint… and it typically goes for more than twice what this one was selling for. I kept thinking, per zenkitty, ‘what if someone else buys it?’ and decided that that simply could not happen. So I bought it. There are other books I want but I don’t think any of them are one of a kind so they’ll keep.

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2 Responses to Jinxed

  1. Yay, you bought it! That so needed to be yours!
    I think it’s ironic you couldn’t fall asleep for thinking about RIP VAN WINKLE.

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