That’s not fair!

From: alchemy40338
To: wren08
Subject: alchemy40338 sent a message about Rip Van Winkle Irving Washington 3rd Edition 1907 Illustrated Aurthur Rackham #171017855082
Sent Date: May-25-15 09:22:56 PDT

Dear wren08,

I am a consignment seller and unfortunately when I contacted my client to let him know his book had sold and I needed to ship it he changed his mind. It was a gift from his father. I am very sorry about this and I make sure all my clients want to sell the items they are giving me to list, but occasionally when it comes down to it they decide not to sell. Sorry for any inconvenience and I will issue you a full refund.

Thanks for your understanding,


Alchemy Customer Service

My response:

Dear Sir,

Selling on Ebay is entering into a contract. I did not ask for a refund- I do not want a refund- I did not agree to a refund. I want the book I bought. Not sending it is breaking your contract and I am currently researching what, if any, redress there is for this.

That you are a consignment seller is of no more interest to me than my being a book collector is to you- either you have the book to sell- in which case I expect it to show up within the week- or you haven’t- in which case you should not have listed it.

This is possibly the most disappointing transaction I have ever experienced.


So it doesn’t look like I’ll get my book after all *sniff*

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One Response to That’s not fair!

  1. Oh, no! That sucks. “Consignment seller”, what the hell. Don’t list for sale something you don’t actually have to sell! I’d report that seller to eBay for fraud.

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